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Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 05:35 pm Okay, Just to Clarify a few things
First off, for my D20 mod, I'm not actually planning on wiping out magic items at large, but damn well coming near. Wizards and other spellcaster will have the ability to craft magic items as before, but the cost is greatly increased, as is the amount of time required. Magic items will not normally be something anyone other than a spellcaster will have, or if they do they will probably be a very minor effect.
The Types of Magic Items:
CHarms: magical items of a variety of types that usually grant small or negligible bonuses. charms have a limited life span and eventually lose there ability.
Talismans: talismans are magic Items used by spellcasters or those of a sorcerous lean, to enhance or modify there magic. they only work when used in a specific manner, and only when given a source of power, such as spell slots.
Fetishes:Shamanistic items linked with the spiritual world. while not actually magical in nature, they are items strongly valued by a spirit or spirits, and as such are primitive ways of negotiating with these entities.
Potions: Generally the same, though much harder to create. come in many different medium forms
Wands: generally the same, only much much harder to create
Bonded Foci: a principal focus of ones arcane power, used to focus and amplify that power. a concentrating force which adds some oomph to ones spells
Artifacts: Major bad-ass powerful magic items.
Scrolls: same.
Athame: the weapon of a Rune Knight. so completely different.
Wonder:a magic item with an enduring power. very rare, very difficult.

Spellcasting as is has been greatly redone, to the point where it is a genuinely different system, so much so that even bossmustang may even enjoy playing a spellcaster or two.beware, much more diverse, slightly more complex, and capable of so much more.
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Date:October 6th, 2005 09:23 am (UTC)


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Methinks this can work. Sounds sort of Middle-Earth-y/Tolkein-esque. Basically, the fantasy world that exists predominantly in my imagination anyway, where spellcasters are few and far between (Gandalf, Saruman, Radigast, the High Elves, etc), but very potent.

Spellcasters will need weaknesses-- in the standard WotC D&D system, it is possible (though somewhat unlikely) for a fighter to take out a spellcaster without going overboard on enchanted weapons/armor/trinkets. Strong spellcasters should be more than a match against experienced warriors-- but not invulnerable.

I myself have been working on a medieval-fantasy world, and have developed a few races. I have also developed strengths and weaknesses according to region and culture. I had first considered making these bonuses apply to their attributes, but decided, instead, to make them apply to skills instead.
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Date:October 6th, 2005 08:42 pm (UTC)

Re: Hmm...

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well truth be told spellcasters aren't going to be that infrequent. but it will all depend on where you are in the world. the base civilization of the mod im creating is probably the highest level magic in the whole of the world. Additionally, by improving non magical crafting abilities and such, one can compensate minorly.
Itll be a lot of work though
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Date:October 26th, 2005 10:51 pm (UTC)
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Could you make it harder for mages to learn how to craft items, but leave it the same in terms of the costs of crafting them?
This would explain a world where it isn't common to find alot of magic items. Perhaps requring TWO feats be taken, instead of one, to learn each item creation feat? That would mean that mages would have to decide what kind of item they would learn to craft, plan ahead, and would become a major player in the local economy once they matured.
I don't think you have to worry about class-to-class balance with something like that - fighters not having gear and casters not having wands hurts them both.
I really like this direction you're heading, by the way. With a lower magic world, it makes magic seem more 'spicy', and ironically important to the story, without being overpowering.
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Date:October 27th, 2005 04:03 pm (UTC)

Well in a way ive done that.

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ALmost wholesale, I actually removed item creation feats but not the ability to make magic items from spellcasters. By seperating magic into two types of spells, each section divided into two sub-sections.
Those four being:
Simple Spells: basic energy manipulation and throwing around power. Simple effects like telekinesis, light, fireball, and other rudimentary affects that can be explained simply through manipulation of primitive magical forces.
Complex Spells: More exacting and refined spell-casting, for stuff like targeted spells, Invisibility, or something involving multiple parts or working within a single casting
Rites: Simple yet somewhat time consuming gathers of magic, by focusing a spellcasting over anywhere from several rounds to a couple of hourse, they power and focus and duration can be greatly increased. Lesser rituals
Rituals:The greatest workings of magic, complex, time consuming and extremely difficult to perform, these workings maximize the asters potential and create staggeringly powerful affects.
With an increase in teh attention paid to material components, especially XP and what not, the alternative system of magic item creation can now be covered simply by listing the enchantments as spells, rituals in this case. You learn a ritual, you can make the item it specifies, not just any old item, but specifically one of that type. Each ritual and rite (as well as every other spell) has two additional descriptors listed with it, a DC to learn, and a DC to create. Its more work for me and the people helping me make it, but it makes things a little simpler in the long run. Especially since It also means that some spells, like Item creation ones, can have a mod to the standard DC. This plus the difficult to aquire components make for enough cost. Most wizards will not craft magic items like this, when crafting a talisman is more efficient, and can never be used against them. It basically will reseanobly limit the number of random magic trinkets all over the place to the point of almost non-existence. But ones that work only for specific people will be rather common.
whereas, around spellcasters, ther will be tons of magic, as there would almost inevitably be. when he dies or leaves though....that magic bracelet he made for you to help the strength of your swings all of a sudden just looks like a gold band.