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Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 12:21 pm Some more information on magic type stuff:
OK then, with the continued designing of the magic system, some more relevant facts are emerging, and I just want to get a general opinion on some of them. First off lets just start with some basic descriptors for spells. by this I mean categories that spells fall under that are niether the elements involved in making up the spell, or the school of magic.
Mind Affecting: spells that are cerebral and specifically affect the targets mind
Spatial Manipulation: because of the increased number of such affects, this replaces an expands the previous of teleport
Binding: An negative affect laid upon a person with a duration
Ward: a protective affect laid upon a person with a duration
Veil: a subtle affect that in some way conceals something
Energy Affect: an affect specific to a kind of energy, as opposed to element
Phantasm: same as previously
Pattern: Same as previously
Figment: same as previously
Glamour: same as previously, usually a veil of some sort
Charm: a spell that can or does craft a sort term magic item
Craft: a spell that cvreates a permanent enchantment or affect on a person place or thing
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